Sushi Panda

I came across this cute sushi mould in a bargain store and fell in love with it. I briefly read (more like looked at the pictures as it was all in Japanese) through the instructions n quickly paid for it and left. Told a sushi crazed friend about my treasure and she wanted one too.

So I headed back to the store and bought another 2 sets. Lol. While browsing through the shelves,  I saw some cute cutters that’s perfect for  those tiny details. Happy with the find I headed back home, determined to have some use for these treasures. 

Next morning, cooked some sticky sushi rice, boiled some corn and edamame to add on to the bento box. First try was a disaster as I forgot to wet the mould. The rice stuck and couldn’t come out of the mould. Arrgh.

Second try. I wetted the inside of the mould slightly and the rice came out easier this time round. After a few tries, I managed to assemble the bento just in time to send it to Little Miss E’s school.

It was time comsuming alright. But I’m kinda hooked to find out more ways to make these little cute things.


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