One Pot Dark Soy Chicken

For all the busy mommies out there (me! Ha), here’s a quick and simple dish for you to try for lunch or dinner. Despite using common everyday ingredients, this dish packs quite a punch. Its balanced blend of sweet, salty and slight peppery taste could even satisfy the selective taste buds of a 3 year old toddler! 🙂

You can prepare this using a slow cooker or any non-stick pot.

– 3 chicken wings (if you are using the whole chicken, cut it into fairly equal size to ensure even cooking)
-2cm finely chopped ginger
-1tbs butter
-1tbs honey
-1tbs dark soy sauce
-1tbs sweet sauce
-salt and crushed black pepper to taste

Measure out the ingredients and pour everything into the pot. Mix throughly and try to coat every part of chicken with the sauce.

Turn to slow cook if you are using the slow cooker and just leave it to do its magic. Turn stove to low fire if you are cooking it in the pot. Let it simmer and turn the chicken around to avoid any burns or char. Cook until tender.

Serve it with any type of rice or even on its own.
Tada! Food on the table and minimal clean up. 🙂



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