The Hermess Boutique Hotel

Throwback: 19 April 2014
We were in JB as we were part of an engagement entourage and the idea of getting stuck in the traffic jam between the two borders for countless hours didn’t really appeal to me and I certainly don’t want to subject my ears to the endless cries of 2 screaming kids. So we settled for this tiny boutique hotel situated along the main road.
It was rather easy to locate the hotel(hurray for gps!!). Hermess was tucked between many double-storied shophouses that were practically closed most of the time except for a flower shop a few doors down (n why do they have a flower shop out of nowhere?).
At first I was rather skeptical, with a billboard that covered the only windows and scenery(of the main road), I expect nothing more.

But how wrong I was…

The reception cum waiting cum lobby area was clean, spacious and smoke-free(yes!). The wall furnishings looked brand new and well-maintained, the furniture complemented the set up and they used fresh flowers (hydrangea ,my favourite!) to ‘naturalize’ the area (now I know why the only shop that was opened for business was the flower shop..)

Unfortunately, there was no lift to bring us to our floor(gasp!), so we took the stairs (pant,pant,pant!) up and guess what the stairs were carpeted! Ok, I thought to myself..they have really outdone themselves for a budget boutique hotel. I can’t wait to see the room.
And I was certainly not disappointed.

Upon entering the small entrance, we were greeted with a cosy space, just enough for a small family of 2 tired adults and 2 jumping kids. The bed was covered with typical white sheets and was tucked neatly even the corners(yes, I can be very OCD at times) but what I like best was… That the bed had no uninvited lingering smells!

Nice and clean sheets. :)
Nice and clean sheets. 🙂

And of course, how can I forget the cubic sized washroom (where you do all our washing up, yes?). The details on the vanity table cum sink was rather commendable. They used good old marble top for its durability and waterproof characteristics. Great choice!! 😉
No grime or slime to be seen lurking around the corners or under the seat covers. Nice!!

Small but clean. No grime! :)
Small but clean. No grime! 🙂
Clean toilet seat and shower area
Clean toilet seat and shower area

Overall, I would be back here if there’s any more engagements or weddings to attend. Or even an overnight stay if we are too tired to make our way back across the borders. Low cost accommodation and of quality setup.
Recommended. 😉


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