Our First Step

When the NZ bound plane finally came to a halt, I have to pinch myself to make sure that I wasn’t dreaming. We are here!!! Finally!! I could almost do a fancy Hi-5 cheer to congratulate ourselves for surviving the 14 hours of flight, with 2 kids, a pram, 4 hand carry luggages and 4 huge luggages(30kg each, yikes!) in tow.

We got our passports checked and cleared pretty fast by the immigration officers. They were extremelly  friendly and took the time to chat up with us which I think made me calmer and feel more welcome than ever. 🙂

However, getting our luggages wasn’t as rosy. 3 of our 30kg bags didn’t make it on the same flight as ours. Oh yea, and the pram too.  We heaved a sigh of relief when the airport officers ensured us that they would deliver it to us once they have located the luggages. 🙂


Goofing around while waiting for the luggages
Goofing around while waiting for the luggages