Of Prints & Textures

After our morning tea, we continued with our venture around the hospital grounds and saw a couple of interesting installations on the planked pathway.

Tucked away at the corner of the pathway was a row of stationary bicycles. She climbed onto one of the oversized bicycle and started pedalling with all her might. She let out a happy little shriek when she saw a stream of water spouting out of a water hose attached between the handle which was pretty amusing I must say. Haha.

The other installation was an adorable looking bird house which is actually a glove station. Most probably there to keep hands clean after picking up any litter or even cleaning up after one’s pet.

As we strolled along, she suddenly remarked that the ground was covered with pretty leaves. It was indeed an unusual discovery for both of us. Without a moment to lose, she immediately dug out her art supplies and took off.

Shading on concrete… 

On a dried leaf…

And finally on a tree trunk…

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