“Fish” you a merry day!

….Because she wanted to start her day feeding fishes, we popped by the longest surviving  (probably as old as me) aquarium store in my neighbourhood to get some fish food.


She took her time exploring the shop; stopping in front of every single tank and saying hi to every little squirming living thing in the shop…

She then said goodbye to her newly founded friends and made her purchase.


As we walked away from the store, we saw crates full of fresh fishes at the entrance of the wet market. She touched the fishes and commented how cold and slippery they were. And she also wanted to know the types of fish that she had eaten before.

Continuing with our fish feeding mission, we then headed down to (surprise!) Khoo Teck Huat Hospital which is Singapore’s first “hospital in a garden“. Despite the never ending stream of patients and healthcare personnels alike, we found many lush green pockets around the hospital, cleverly located to add rich bio diversity charm to a place often associated with illnesses and mortality.

As we strolled around, we spotted a great big display of the different types of fishes found on site.

On the ground floor, tucked between the pharmacy and the food court, we saw a capsule dispenser machine full of bubble capsules filled with fish pellets.

We went around the area looking for these huge water pots because there are fishes living in them!

Next, we went down to the basement to feed the bigger fishes.

And here she made more friends…

Sharing the fish pellets with her new founded friend.


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