Of Leaves & Seeds

We started off with a quick ‘I Spy’ search. This time around it’s something white and small.

Followed by “I spy with my little eye something brown…” She gathered a few pieces of fallen leaves and lay them on the ground looking pleased with her unusual find.

We discussed about the parts of the leaves and its function and also the texture and shape of the leaves. She placed a pair of leaves on top of each other and commented that one is slightly longer than the other.

She then began to arrange the leaves in a certain way. “Small, big, small, big, small, big, small… ABABAB pattern” she said.

When prompted further, she arranged the leaves in another manner. ” Now it’s AABAAB pattern…”.

She explored the area further and found some dried pods on the ground. She held it in her hand, broke it in half and was delighted to find tiny seeds in the pod. After a good 15mins of peeling the pods, she began to arrange the seeds on the grooves of the leaf and at the same time counting them.

After she was done counting, I asked her if she would want to put the seeds in groups. She agreed and arranged the seeds in groups of 2 followed by groups of 3. Then she started counting the seeds in multiples of 3. She went on repeat mode for a good 10mins. 🙂

Once she was done with counting, she said she wanted to plant the seeds so that it would grow into big trees. She looked around and found a spot to plant those seeds.

With that done, she was ready for some action. She headed towards the play area and started balancing her body on those low elements structures.

In the afternoon, we went to the library for a free storytelling session. Today’s story was about the many ways to save water with Water Wally. We took the chance to read and borrow some books home. Thank God I brought the luggage bag along. Look at that pile of books! 😉

*Find out more on free programmes for children conducted by the National Library Board (NLB) here.


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