School Can Wait

After much deliberation on how to support and engage the little one with her new learning adventures, I’ve devised a very simple plan on how to go about doing it.

My “back-to-basic” plan is to simply engage her with gross and fine motor skills activities through first hand and personal experiences. These, I find, are the most basic and of utmost importance in a child’s development before any other intermediate progress could take place.

  • We went through the map of the park and also talked about the etiquettes that needed to be observed while in the park. She then explained the legend on the map and traced the route that she intended to take. IMG_0268
  • We strolled around the park when a blooming flower caught her eye. She gently cupped the flower between her palms and commented that the bees will get the nectar from here (pointed to the centre of the flower). She rubbed her hands between the leaf and commented that the bottom is smoother than top of the leaf. She invited me to touch the bottom of the leaf and waited for my response. I said that it felt like velvet.IMG_0269
  • We continued with the stroll. She followed the straight line, all the way to the end. IMG_0270
  • We then walked through the park and she saw a huge pole in the middle of the grassy area and asked if she could climb it.

    Along the way, we encountered an elderly man practicing “taichi”. Of course, it was completely new to her. She sat in silence and observed him executing his routine before asking me what he was doing. IMG_0274

  • Reached the play area and had our morning tea. IMG_0275
  • After polishing off the fruits and chiffon cake, she gleefully walked towards the climbers and started climbing at once.


  • When asked what she would like to do next, she choose to draw a tree. Before drawing, she went near a tree and commented on the different colours that made up the trunk and the leaves. IMG_0280
  • She started drawing the trunk, leaves and lastly the sky and clouds. IMG_0281IMG_0283IMG_0284IMG_0264IMG_0265IMG_0266

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