Blueberry Cheesecake

The last batch of blueberries from the fields turned into this.

Managed to salvage the recipe from the back of the PHILADELPHIA cream cheese box and it proved to be a total winner.



  • 100g of Ritz crackers
  • 80g of melted butter
  • 3 blocks of PHILADELPHIA cream cheese
  • 1 cup of castor sugar
  • 2 eggs
  • 200g Greek yogurt
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 400g blueberries
  • 2 tbsp castor sugar
  • 2 tsp cornflour


  1. Preheat oven to 180 degree celcius. Crush the crackers into fine crumbs and add melted butter.
  2. Grease the spring cake tin. Press the crumb mixture into it and bake for 10mins. Take it out and cool completely.img_9046
  3. Using a hand mixer, whip up the blocks of cream cheese till smooth.
  4. Add 2 cups of castor sugar and mix well. Add greek yoghurt, eggs, vanilla extract.img_9213
  5. Make sure the crumb base is completely cool before pouring the cream cheese mixture in.
  6. Wrap the base of the tin with 2 layers of foil to prevent water from seeping in the tin.
  7. Place it in the middle of a roasting pan filled with an inch of water. img_9212
  8. Bake for 50mins-1hr or when the centre is a little jiggly. Take it out and leave to cool completely. Overnight chilling would yield best results otherwise minimum of 4hrs ought to suffice.
  9. Making the blueberry topping. Heat up a heavy based pot on low. Combine blueberries & 2 tbsp of castor sugar. Stir till bubbling and using a potato masher, mash up the blueberries roughly. If need to, add a little bit of water to get it going. Let it come to a boil, add cornstarch and mix well. Let mixture thickens and cool completely. Or you could spread blueberry jam on it before serving. img_9210

img_9146 img_9148


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