Lavender Backyard Garden

To break away from the massive and monotonous house cleaning, we decided to clear our heads at the Lavender Backyard Garden located conveniently at 398, Marshmedows Rd, Newstead. The friendly lady owner (I think) greeted us the moment we walked into the cosy store.
img_9081 img_9082

The place was clean and nicely adored with brightly coloured enamel cookware with cute cartoons animals drawn on it.

img_8917 img_8921


Besides selling delicious real fruit blueberry (and other flavours) ice cream, Lavender Backyard sells an array lavender products such as essential oil, lotions, sprays to name a few. I bought a few bouquets of culinary lavender flower for my next kitchen tinker.

No entry charges needed if you want to wander (wonder) in the fields. As we walked over, we were welcomed by the nodding lavender flower heads, neatly planted in rows. Even though most of them have been harvested, the place just emanates  therapeutic calmness  all around.

img_9083 img_9085 img_9086

My precious loot from the farm…




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