The Blueberry Corner

After 2.5hrs of driving, we made a pit stop at a little cozy shop called The Blueberry Corner. We stopped our ride at 364, Thornton Rd, Whakatane, Bay of Plenty, took a step into the shop and was instantly greeted with the most heavenly smell of freshly baked blueberries (what else) pasteries. Trust me when I say only the strong will prevail in there as our souls were so tempted to get one of every kind… 

We finally decided to go for their signature blueberry ice cream because the voice of reason said that the only way to beat the summer heat was quenching the parched throats with something cold. 

The creamy soft serve melted softly and slowly on the tongue and when the bits of the fresh blueberries hits, it sent a refreshing tang on the tastebuds. Just the thing I needed on a hot summer day. 



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