Oysters @ Coromandel

Enough is enough. I badly need a break from the daily fare of chicken and meat. So we hit the road to Coromandel in search of, not mussels or clams but, oysters instead. Yay!! 

Along the 2 hour drive, we stopped at a couple of lookouts to enjoy the breathtaking view from above. 

Coromandel Oyster Company Limited is quietly tucked away at 1611 SH25 Manaia Road. Do keep a look out for this sign on the side of the road lest you miss the delightful trove altogether. 

Like a person on a mission, I jumped out of the vehicle and made a beeline at the counter and placed my orders. We had chips, a battered snapper, 4 battered mussels, 2 battered oysters, a dozen of fresh oysters and a 3.2kg bag of Greenshell mussels for about $40. 

We had our meal facing the ocean

The oysters certainly did not fail to deliver the freshness of the ocean straight to me. They were plump, juicy and succulent. No rancid smell. There wasn’t even an aftertaste. The tastiest ocean treat ever if you asked me. 

Fresh succulent oysters
Crispy battered oyster
Crispy battered snapper

The battered snapper, mussels and oysters were crispy and light. The snapper was fresh and firm and cooked to perfection. No soggy leftovers at all. Or shall I say there were no leftovers at all. Haha. 

Needless to say, I shall come back for more. 🙂


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