After going to 5 different Asian markets, I was still unable to get my hands on the usual halal store bought kimchi. Probably, it’s out of stock and these outlets might be waiting for the new shipment to come- I consoled myself…

But I simply couldn’t wait to get my kimchi fix. So this impatient person decided to make her own! I hopped over to maangchi’s website, like I always do, for all things Korean. She listed her easy to follow step by step recipe and there’s even a video tutorial for each recipe. It’s surprisingly easy. You won’t go wrong with this one. I promise. 

So here’s the link to her kimchi recipe if you are interested in making your own homemade kimchi.

Looking at that vibrant colour made my heart skip a beat and I’m pretty sure it went straight to kimchi land. Not only did it looked good, it’s tasted as delicious as the store bought pack!

For those who can’t take the heat, you can tweak the heat level to your own preference. I did just that this time round because I wanted to introduce this new taste to my elder daughter and I was delighted to see that she enjoyed it. Go Team Kimchi! Ha!

homemade kimchi

Managed to capture some of my kimchi making process.

making the paste
brining the veggies
mixing everything up
my hands

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