Avondale Sunday Market

During our random meet ups, one of us revealed that they have found a place where we could get the freshest stingray around. Say what?!? Did you just say stingray? My eyes went as big as saucers…And to cut a long story short, we found ourselves in  Avondale Sunday Market the very next day. It is located in a quiet neighbourhood at 2 Ash St, Avondale, Auckland. A sure sign to know if you have reached would be when you see many shoppers with their trolley bags teeming towards it. Oh yes, be sure to reach early so you can park in the market grounds for $3 or you can always park along the street if you don’t mind walking a fair bit. 😉

First things first. Stingray. Indeed, the freshest sting ray I’ve ever seen. Clean and gutted. No smell no slime just firm to the touch. Exactly how it should be. And because we made friends with the fishmonger, we got it at a price you won’t believe. 3kg of sting ray for $5!!! Oh my, that sent us straight to stingray heaven! 😉


We got about 2kg of live paddle crabs for $10. That’s quite a bargain too. I know exactly what to do with these little crustaceans. Yum.

We roamed around a while more for some fruits and vegetables. Fresh and cheap.  There’s also a small stall selling fresh lemongrass for $2 a bunch. After a year of cooking with frozen lemongrass, I almost did a jig upon getting fresh ones.

Purple baby potatoes
White radish
Limes, limes and more limes
Baby eggplants
Assorted fruits

Dry goods

There’re also sections of the market selling new and preloved household items, toys and clothes.

After our visit here, a trip to the wet market would never be the same again. Our haul came to a mere $30. That ought to last us for a few good months of meals. 😉


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