Advantidrome revisited@ Cambridge

Yesterday, we “treated” ourselves to another knee jerking, spine tingling, mind blowing, tear inducing round at the Avantidrome skill park. Funnily, despite knowing what was in store for us, everyone was looking forward to the trip. A quick half an hour car ride, brought us to the place.  It is located at 15, Hanlin Rd, Cambridge 3283, Waikato. The skill park is open to cyclist, walkers, leashed pets for all ages and even babies in strollers are welcome to enjoy the scenic route.

The girls started out with the basics first. There’s a mock up road park, complete with stop lights and road signs, for the younger cyclist.

 After a few rounds of roundabouts and traffic stops, this little one wanted to try out the intermediate park. So off she went.  


Err…What’s a goat doing here?! I heard someone said that it belonged to a nearby residence and must have wandered off by itself. And so we made our way to the TOP track.

Here we are at the start/finish of the track. It made us feel as though we were standing on top of the world in other words it really really steep to cycle down. But I’m pretty sure with much practice, we can. 😉

A trail as far as the eyes could see…

This is my favourite pit stop as it overlooks part of the waterfront and the overhanging foliage gives the most shade amongst the many other trees around the trail. We had our water break here…

   …and had the tandem attachment fixed too.

 But after all that fussing, she decided to ride on her own. With trainers and no gears, she’s just happy with her basket and sunnies. So away with the tandem.

The older one got well aquatinted with the gears today which was really a pleasant surprise for us. She managed to get over the gradual mini slopes. Never mind, one slope at a time. 😉

The other pit stop with an amazing view…       Over the bridge we go…  Reached the end of the trail…   The kids found a swing tied to a tree…    

Time for a brain freeze!!!



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