Name trace

Everyday, upon reaching school, the little one would attempt to write her name on the class whiteboard. A meaningful way of taking attendance & spelling and writing their names. Parking that as a mental note, my eyes went big as saucers when I saw the “artistic” markings made by her. Err..

Well, I think what she need is a little fine tuning with some of the more intricate formations of the letters. So, during her quiet time, I got her tiny fingers to practice tracing the letters of her name. She wanted to make her name “colourful” so she kept changing the markers and she also coloured the space in all the ‘a’s which was quite unexpected. Fine by me. Anyway, hopefully, with much practice she would develop the necessary skills in due time.

Feel free to share some of your great ideas on letter formation for young children in the comments. I would love to hear them.


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