A&W- All American Food

To those who knew, the mere mention of A&W would probably send a great rapture to one’s taste buds. Coney dogs, root beer float, waffles with ice cream… (smacks lips)

Even though it’s not one of the healthiest menu around, I could never refuse a cold chilled Mug. Ever. Could you?

rootbeer float
A&W Rootbeer float

What made me brave the infamous Singapore-Malaysian border? What made me risk a headache and heartache just for bite of these irresistible comfort food, I honestly do not know. Not in a zillion years.

The only good reason I can think of why I kept coming back for more would probably be how every chomp would transport me back to many fond childhood memories that I had at the diner especially the ones at Ang Mo Kio & Clementi…

…and when your childhood looks this good, you would probably be willing to crash any diet for it. Ha!

Beef Coney Dog set meal
Beef Coney Dog set meal



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