Sliced Fish & Grilled Ribs

Had a random urge to have some of our all time favourite hawker fare. 

Sliced Fish Noodle was a staple diet of mine during lunch whenever we had to attend numerous school meetings. The dish is promptly prepared in front of you once you’ve placed an order. Within minutes, you will get a bowl of steaming hot fish broth with slices white fish, blanched laksa noodle, pieces of wobbly tofu and some leafy caixin. A dip dish filled with bird’s eye chilli & soy sauce would never fail to accompany this dish. And to complete the meal, the must have local made iced tea will always make its appearance.



The other dish that we ordered was the grilled beef ribs from Charco’s. The girls requested to have that for  dinner. The set meal, as you can see, comes with a few sides. We had pasta, egg salad & seafood salad. They have a variety of sides that you can choose to accompany your lamb or beef ribs.

Now, let’s take a closer look at those juicy ribs that’s screaming my name…

 These stalls are located at Mr Teh Tarik, Blk 608, Ang Mo Kio Ave 5, #01-2771, S 560608. 


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