Food Trail- Day 1

Firstly, a happy dance for surviving the extremely long fly back home. I can’t imagine what would have happened if it wasn’t for the great selection of inflight movies and the frequent flow of food and drinks. It really kept me alive! A big thank you to #quantas!!!

Today, is the day of my 1 month long food trail and I will diligently seek out the local delicacies that I’ve missed for the last 6 months or so. Be it homecooked or prepared in local eateries. Regardless.

For lunch, we went to the one and only shop (that I know) that named a chicken dish after a fruit. Haha.
We stopped by Puncak located at Far East Plaza, 14 Scotts Road, #05-94, S(228213) and ordered the usual fare. Get ready for it…
…Honeydew Chicken, Kangkong (water convolvulus) Belacan, Char Kuey Teow and fried wantons.

The first to be devoured was the water convolvulus. Every strand was well coated with the chilli and belacan paste. The leaves looked limp but somewhat it still retains its refreshing crunch that I really like.


Next, was Honeydew Chicken. The marinated chicken was covered a generous dose of queer orange sauce. Honestly, even though I’ve been eating this for the 20 odd years I could never understand why this dish was named after honeydews when it doesn’t even taste or look anything like the fruit. Haha.


And then the fried wantons. Frankly, I’m quite disappointed with this little bundles. I bet it was refried and worse using old oil. They some what looked pathetic and miserable without enough  filling in them. No more of this next time.


After lunch, we went about with our errands and got some #KrispyKreme before heading home. They are conveniently  located at the basement of Tangs Plaza.


For dinner, we feasted on home cooked Rawon dish-whipped by my beloved mum and my third brother. Rawon is a strong tasting traditional Indonesian black beef soup which uses a special ingredient called the buah keluwak to create a rich and unique flavor. A bowl is never enough for me. Simply divine!


And let’s not forget the potato cutlets (bergedil), these little carbo guys really packs a punch. My mum likes to shape it into bite size unlike those sold in stalls.


And how can I not include the mouthwatering sambal belacan. Not bad for the first day eh? Hehe…


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