A slice of Middle-Earth

Last week, we managed to squeeze in a day to seek out the Shire of Middle Earth at 501 Buckland Rd, Hinuera, Matamata. Since it’s free of charge for kids under 8, we took the chance to go now before the eldest turn 9 in a few days time. 😉

After more than an hour drive, we reached the town area of Hobbiton. You know you are there when the buildings resembles hobbit holes.

We booked the 3.30pm slot online from Hobbiton Tours and arrived just in time to catch the tour bus to bring us to the actual movie set.

Never would I thought that a working farm, owned by the Alexander family, could house the movie set of the world famous The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbits trilogies. It was indeed a sight to behold and certainly not your ordinary next door farm. Trust me. You’ve got to see it to believe it. 😉

A quick 10mins drive through the alluring picturesque hills before finally reaching The Shire.

Our guide, Harry, talked us through everything related to Hobbiton (an area resided exclusively by hobbits). He even managed to identify some hobbits walking among us. Ha! Fancy that.

However, in his eagerness to share all of his knowledge with us, I must admit that many a times I just wished that he would be silent and let us immerse ourselves in the wondrous village of the tiny hobbit holes that have distinctive round doorways and are surrounded by small but perfectly formed gardens and picket fences.

I also wished that he would stop regrouping us every other minute and rushing us off to the next.  With all that rushing around, we missed having our picture taken at Bag End. 😦

*Just a random thought: {…I think that the person running the place ought to position an official photographer to help us fervent fans capture the beautiful moments spent there. I certainly wouldn’t mind purchasing at a reasonable fee and also try to make the group smaller so that we could take our time to explore the movie set on our own… }

More fascinating and beautiful doors, immaculate gardens and quirky artefacts as we walked along The Shire.    

A chimney, out of nowhere. Cuteness…





The view from the peak of The Shire was breathtaking and exceptionally calming despite the fact that every other person was trying their best to squeeze on the narrow foot path. Just a word, fans with kids in tow, be careful not to fall over.


If you must know, this huge tree is totally artificial. Harry told us that the woody trunk and branches were made out of a special weatherproof material and there were over 200thousand leaves attached to the tree. All meticulously done by hand. Yikes!


At the foot of the hill was The Mill & Green Dragon Inn.


We reached the Green Dragon Inn where we were treated to a chilled cup of non alcoholic ginger beer. Yum!


More pictures while walking back to the bus.

Even if you are not a fan of the movies, you will still enjoy visiting The Shire because it just simply a stunning place to be. I wouldn’t mind going for a second or even  a third time just as long as I get to explore the amazing Hobbiton, unhurried.



2 thoughts on “A slice of Middle-Earth

  1. Would it be better if it’s self exploration @ the Hobbiton? Or do you have to follow the tour? Please advice…
    Me and family would be visiting Auckland this year end…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The Hobbiton only offers fully guided tours. I booked the tickets directly from their official website and drove from Hamilton to The Hobbiton movie set. Allow half a day for the trip. Have a great trip. 😉


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