Food Alley @ Auckland

Today, we set out for another food adventure at Auckland. Food Alley is located at  9, Albert St, Auckland 1010, New Zealand. We parked ($2 for 60mins) by the road and went along the rows of shops.  As we walked, my young padawan and I spotted some interesting and quirky posters that we felt were camera worthy.      



Conveniently situated next to a bus stop, we saw the sign board and turned into the entrance.  

The food hall is comparable to the food courts that we have back home. We went to the second level and scouted around. Since the stall selling Malaysian cuisine was closed, we ordered the Japanese fare. Just ask them for the halal menu.


We ordered the unagi bento and beef bento.  They were tasty and the portions were generous. The bentos were done within 30mins.

But the highlight for me, in all seriousness, was getting a chilled bottle of my all time favourite Pokka green tea brew!!! Us three let out a joyous cheer when we saw these familiar looking bottles. We took the time to savor the prized (costly) drink by taking tiny sips from the straw and waited for all to finish their meals before guzzling it down. To the very last drop. Haha.

Having filled our tummies, we wondered around the city. And as always, promised ourselves to come back for more. 😉



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