Chartwell Library

{Backtrack: 4th week of June} :Reading is food for the mind

To distract the kids from the mundane and backbreaking task of finding a new house and a new ride, we brought them to the nearest library. Upon reaching, we were greeted with the most normal looking building except for the signboard that tell you so. It is situated in Lynden Court, directly across the road from bus stops and Westfield Shopping Centre.IMG_3495

Instantly, the kids snuggle up and devoured every single story they read. “Send your mind somewhere” that’s the tagline that the library uses and indeed the kids seemed to be transported into another realm the moment they picked up a book.

We registered ourselves to be a member and was pleasantly surprised with look of the membership cards. There were a few designs to choose from. Aren’t they adorable?

Another surprise was that each card holder is entitled to borrow 20 books per loan for 28 days! Awesome! That ought to be more than enough to last. For now. 🙂


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