Last Friday, we had the most awesome fundraising event ever. Being new here, I thought it was a great way of getting to know the community better by getting involved with this small but meaningful event.

The fundraising event was organized by the teachers and parents of Iqra Educentre with the goal of raising funds for the children that goes to the kindy. Since Iqra Educentre is a non profit organization, all proceeds from the drive would be for the centre’s expenses.

My task at hand started after Fajr prayers. Prepared the ondeh-ondeh, popped them into small boxes and drove to the centre.  I’ve only managed to make 35 containers with 5 ondeh-ondeh (will update soon) in each. I hope it’s enough to last.

 The ladies were in the midst of packing the preordered sale when we reached. Phew! Just in time. After putting aside the pre orders, we had 5 containers left. Wished I’ve made more. Well, never mind perhaps next time.  😉 These are the lovely ladies that spearheaded the event. So glad to be a part of it. 🙂

The scrumptious sides: banana pops & potato curry puffs. Not in the picture was the chocolate cake. Nom nom. 
The mains: savoury and flavourful butter chicken and curry chicken served with warm rice.


A special bunting banner made by Miss E & Miss S the night before. They insisted. No fundraising event is complete without banners they say. 😁

IMG_4170A scout will always be a scout. 😉

The spread of yummy tantalizing food awaits the crowd from the masjid on a blessed Friday. The drinks were graciously donated by a brother who insisted that we take it and sell it together with the food we had prepared.  May he reap what he sow. Amminn.  Alhamdulliah, we sold every last bit of the spread. What touched me most was, even though we had nothing else to sell, those who came still showered us with words of encouragement and cash donations. May Allah swt bless everyone who took the time to make this event happen. Insyallah.  Til the next fundraising. 😃


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