Uncle Man’s @ Auckland

After picking Miss E from her religious class, I decided to give myself a break from the kitchen and  head down to Auckland to try out an eatery recommended by a friend. We got on Gordonton, Huntly and finally the Waikato Expressway took us smoothly to Auckland. 

  You really must pardon me because I just couldn’t resist putting in pictures of the beautiful and magnificent landscape of New Zealand that I took along the way.  😁

1hour and 40mins later, we arrived at Auckland. I must admit that the air does smell a little different hmm, I wonder why.

Nevertheless, here we are at Uncle Man’s eatery located at 277 Karangahape Road, Newton, Auckland 1010. For more information on  Uncle Man’s. A short walk down the pavement and when you see this signboard, you know you are there.

 Just like the food, the setup of the place is simple and straightforward. A few “Visit Malaysia” posters and paintings adored the wall. Nothing too elaborate. Anyway, I’m here for the food not for anything else. I couldn’t wait to savor the familiar taste that I’ve missed for about this 5 months or so.
    Rock , paper, scissor…the kids amuse themselves while waiting for the food to arrive.

The Char Kuey Teow was perfectly  fried with a nice deep colour from the dark sauce. 2 pieces of fresh juicy prawns accompanied the dish. I wish there were more though. Hehe. The garnishes were just the right amount and not too overwhelming.    For the appetiser, we ordered the Tahu Sumbat. It’s a traditional dish where julienned carrots, cucumbers  and beans sprouts get stuffed in between a piece of  fried tofu and doused in thick peanut sauce.  The sauce is really yummy and every mouthful feels like home. Unfortunately, the tofu was a little overlooked and chewy. But the yummy sauce saves the day.


The highlight of the meal was certainly the Laksa Penang. Laksa is a spicy-sour fish broth based noodle soup that is not only well know in Penang but also every to corner of the Malay peninsula and that includes the tiny island of Singapore.  🙂

Presentation of the laksa looks promising. It was served piping hot making the aroma from the herbs and spices to scream my name even louder. I simply couldn’t resist it anymore and took a big dive into the bowl.

Unfortunately, I had tasted better  laksa than this. No doubt the broth was seasoned but it lacked fish pulp in it making it watery. The noodles were overcooked and soft. Compulsory herbs like thinly sliced ginger flower(bunga kiantan) & mint leaves were absent thus making it less aromatic than my usual bowl of local laksa.

The Bihun Goreng, rice Vermicelli noodles stir fried with prawns and vegetables was a hit with the kids. The noodles was well seasoned and had the right “spring” in it. I thought a little more prawns would make the girls happier. Wink. 

In between spoonful of noodles, the girls just couldn’t resist breaking off the peak of the Tisu Prata, a conical shape prata served with white sugar and condensed milk in a dip dish. Sweet! 

An hour later, we were done eating and carried our heavy stomachs back to the car and headed back home. I would certainly go back to Uncle Man’s to quench my thirst for home-tasting food.

Managed to get some shots of Auckland before getting on the expressway to Hamilton.


Ps: Forgotten to mentioned about the drinks, we ordered Teh Ice Limau, Teh Ice, Bandung & Milo Ice-in order of appearance.


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