2nd Stop

{Backtrack} 3rd Week of June 2015

We picked up the remaining luggages and proceed to the van waiting for us. The moment we stepped out of the airport, a great chill descended upon us. Friends told me that it’s pretty cold in New Zealand but nothing prepared me for this, despite being bundled up like a dumpling. Brrr. Unlike me, the cold doesn’t seemed to have any effect on the kids though. They were smiling from ear to ear.

IMG_0518 IMG_0523 IMG_0524 IMG_0527 IMG_0528

Not so soon after that, we reached our temporary lodging (Airbnb) at Ulrich Street. Our friendly hosts greeted us at the site and took us on  a tour of the house. They were very accomadating which made us feel more welcome than ever. They even drove us to the nearest PakNSave for us to get whatever we needed. The house is very neat and clean but to our dismay was not insulated and we had to depend very much on the oil heaters. Everything and everywhere was freezing cold and it certainly did not help that we came in the midst of winter. Nevertheless, after the long haul flight, all I wanted to do was sleep.
Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 9.10.25 amScreen Shot 2015-11-03 at 9.10.55 am
IMG_3334 IMG_3336



Before the day ended, we saw our first NZ rainbow, just right outside of our window! It was breathtaking! A good welcome sign? 🙂

The next day, we got a note from our hosts to use the heaters reasonably as the electrical charges here are rather dear, which we perfectly understood where they were coming from. However, coming from a place where the highest temperature ever recorded was 36 degree celsius, we and our bodies just couldn’t adjust quickly enough without the help from the heaters. We tried regulating the usage by using the timers for a day but the kids and I ended up with fever and dizzy spells. Most unfortunate. Not wanting to impose, we bundled up with layers and layers and layers of clothing instead. Thermals, jackets, onesies, socks, blankets you name it whatever it took to make us warm. Survival mode on. Hehe.


We rented a Holden and spent most of our waking hour looking for a more temporary lodging (still is) and window shopping for whitewares and you guess it more thermals. I love going to Kathmandu so much so we joined the Summit club, but that’s another story for another time. 🙂


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