When the Country comes to Town

After performing the weekly Friday prayers, while walking back to the car, we came across this notice on the fence.
Hope  it’s not to late to share this. It was great fun for the children for they got to go up close with the animals. There are also bungy trampoline and floaties for the children to play. It was free entrance for today but $5 chargeable for the other two days(saw e ad on the papers).

We stopped by the barn to look at animals. They have chicks(1day old only), hens and cocks, Spanish geese, fantails and other feathered friends.









We walked further into the barn and a number of four footed friends roaming freely around the area.


Miss E was busy petting every animal she saw but Miss S was reserved and kept her hands to herself most of the time. When she finally petted a young calf, she got this weird and zoned out look on her face.







Here are some alpaca’s fur on display unfortunately we missed the judging event

 These are the other things we saw. I bet there we a lot more if we’re earlier. We missed the pony rides too.  😦

And we ended the day with some delicious creamy yogurt ice cream with fruit berries. The girls got blackberry and strawberry whilst it is mixed berries for me.

Hope you guys go and check it out. Oh ya, do come early. Heheh


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