When the kids are in school…

I peered out of the window and checked out the sky. Good. Clear skies. Gobbled down 2 eggs and got into my running gear. Grabbed the garage keys and searched frantically for the iPod. Water bottle checked. Jacket checked. Hand phone checked. Socks on. Shoes on. Ok. Everything’s good to go.

A slight drizzle as I walked briskly to the gym.  Nobody. Good I thought. Will have the entire place to myself. I’m so pumped to get these legs some workout. Yay! Like finally. So I turned the door handle but it won’t budge. Argghhh!!! Noooo!!!!

I forgot the token to the door!!! Arrrgghhh!!! I would have ran back to get it but the drizzle turned heavier and I stuck at the footsteps of the locked gym. Great.

I waited for the rain to subside before heading back to the house. And ended up with this instead.

Tsk. So much for gym. 😅


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