Story of my “Canned” life…

A week ago or maybe even more, my life depended very much on these little cans. I’ve learnt never to underestimate what these little cans are capable. How it pacifies the screaming tummy for something warm and comforting is truly amazing. And why the sudden reverence you may ask?  because Little Miss E was hospitalised for some chest infection and the last thing on my mind was cooking and without a doubt, those were the worst days of my life…

Fast forward to today. It’s cold and rainy outside. A warm bowl of soup might just spur and persuade the spirit to complete the mountainous assignments due very very soon (like Thursday. Ha!). Soup for the soul indeed, but I could only find empty cans (I keep them for projects) around the kitchen. Undeterred, I scrutinized the labels and tried to decode the ingredients (fortified with lots of sodium) and quickly (my tummy were already making some alien sounds ) rumaged the fridge for the ingredients I needed. So here ‘s my rendition of the oriental hot and sour soup.


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