Spinach with Goji berries

With the sweltering heat outside, I thought what better way to cool myself and fix something soupy for a quick lunch. Went to the fridge and found some spinach and thought of something quick and simple to cook before LITTLE MISS E comes back from school. So here it is.

– 1 packet of round spinach
– a handful of dried anchovies
– 2 cloves of finely chopped garlic
– a handful (or two) of dried wolf berries

what to do
Wash and drain those lovely leafy greens. Pluck the leaves off the stem. If you are using the stem, remember to remove those fibrous strips around it.

Boil the dried anchovies for about 10mins at medium fire. Discard the boiled anchovies and remove any soup scum you see.

Add in the wolf berries and chopped garlic. Bring it to a boil.

Add the spinach leaves and bring to a boil again. IMG_2686-0.JPG
Switch off fire. Ready.



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